Picture Communication Tool - an aid to healthcare interactions
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Thanks to the following who, among others, have provided both practical support and encouragement:

Website created in 2006.

Additional Drawings by Jill Desborough

We are grateful for the support of

Andrew Pike - Chief Executive MEHT
Cathy Mintern, Maura O'Malley, Lesley Bates, Jo Myers - Interpreters Group MEHT
Jo Sirkett - Specialist Speech & Language Therapist MEHT
Alyson Taylor - Nurse Specialist, Learning Disability Hospital Liaison MEHT
Karen Smith, Jackie Kelly, Sally Barbrook and Tara Gibb of the Medical Photography Department MEHT
Natalie Semmens, Sandy Tisdell and many other staff from St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns
Anne-Marie Miorner-Wagner, Peter Kenny, OMEGA
Jack Piachaud, MEDACT
John Fairhall
Helen Sinclair