Picture Communication Tool - an aid to healthcare interactions
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In order to view and print the picture tools you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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To open (and print), please left click on the links below, or scroll down and click on the picture tools you need. Right click on the links and choose the "Save Target As" option in order to save the PDF files to your computer for later use. Files sizes are typically 300k to 700k.

Alternatively you can download a zipped version (called all.zip) of all the PDF files by clicking here.

Please note there are several large images below, so they will take a while to load.

Personal care female
Personal care male
Transport, places, religious symbols
Kitchen hazards
Bathroom and Bedroom potential hazards
Living room potential hazards
Outdoor potential hazards
Sources of burns injuries
People - Family and Friends
People - Health Professionals
Basic medical treatment - 1
People - others at work - 1
People - others at work - 2
Basic Medical
Feelings and emotions 1
Feelings and emotions 2